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In association with our Partner network the IPS group offers a range of Commercial and Domestic relocation service. We offer fixed day weekly services from all major cities in the US cities to Dublin, Ireland and operate weekly direct services to New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago with the fastest transit times on the Irish market. We also operate weekly direct LCL services ex Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Busan, Bangkok, Port Klang, Singapore, New Delhi and Mumbai to Dublin and can offer extremely competitive FCL rates to & from all Far East / Sub Indian Continent areas.

  • Highly competitive rates

  • Quickest transit times

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Relocation Advice

For various reasons, millions of people relocate to live overseas and make their home in a new country abroad every year. They have been tempted by a better quality of life, work in international careers, study abroad, take on volunteer work, retire overseas or own ‘holiday homes’ and have extended vacations abroad. For some, it comes as a culture shock, the way of life is totally different, you have to learn new currencies, cultures and languages, and you miss your friends, family and all that is familiar.

The key advice for anyone moving abroad is effective planning and and using a reliable relocation service. Planning a move abroad is very different from domestic moves – you have to be even more organised. There are many more things to consider and it will take longer than you think. It can take weeks to ship your belongings abroad so you must be organised and leave out anything that you may need for this duration. You will be able to take some of your belongings by plane with you but do check the weight restrictions on your airlines as they can differ.

If you are moving overseas we would recommend that you have the removal company pack up for you. You can pack yourself but their expertise in packing items for shipping is worth its weight in gold. If you do pack the boxes yourself they will have to labelled on the inventory as PBO (Packed By Owner) and this can make customs more likely to examine your belongings sometimes causing you a delay and extra costs that would out way what you have saved by packing yourself.

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